Renovating your home on a budget: Best fencing options

Have you been considering renovating your home?

Don’t keep putting it off because you think it will end up being too expensive—there are many affordable and high-quality options out there


You might think it isn’t possible to have a new steel fence installed without it going over the budget. This doesn’t have to be the case—there are many affordable steel fencing alternatives out there that still provide the same quality as the more expensive options.

One example that we install here at Mint Fencing is Steel security fencing.

The great thing about Steel security fencing is that it brings many of the benefits that you’ll get from a Colorbond Steel fence but with a more budget-friendly price tag.

Steel security fencing is available in a range of colours and it’s a simple solution when you’re wanting to bring both security and privacy to your property. We regularly recommend Steel security fencing to clients seeking a highly durable fence that will still stay within budget.


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