Pool Fencing Sydney

You can’t argue the fact that fencing your pool is essential for the safety of your family, particularly your kids. Swimming pools should have fence for safety purposes.

According to a major report last year, kids between the ages of 2 to 4 years reported to have died at home by drowning, and Sydney was one of the highest rate of youth drowning among the list.

But, outside the aspect of safety, there are still some things you have to consider when it comes to fencing your pool.

Here are the 2 important things to consider when planning on installing a swimming pool fence in your home.

1.Local Safety Rules

There are some local safety rules that a swimming pool fence must meet before it is considered safe in a home or any commercial environment. Some of these rules include;

* Gate Construction
It is recommended that gate should be installed in a way that it swing outward, making it more difficult for a child to mistakenly gain access to the pool.

* Height of the Fence
Over 1200mm is typically the recommended height of a pool fence so as to prevent children gain unsolicited access to the pool.

* Lack of Hand or Foot Holds
This is another local safety rule that must be considered in swimming pool fencing. With this, it will be impossible for children to climb the fence easily.

2. A Trusted and Closeby Company

It is very important to use the service of a company that is close to you, than asking for the service of a pool fencing company aside your location. When you go with a company that is closeby, it only takes minutes for the company to reach your house.

You surely do not want a company that will come to your house two days after you have called due to distance. This is one big factor to consider when requesting the service of a swimming pool fencing company in cases where you need a repair on your fence. The safety of your family can’t wait!

Do you reside in Sydney and need a swimming pool fence in your home?

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