Safety & Security Bollards Manufacture & Installation

Security & Parking Bollard Installation

We manufacture and install a range of driveway, car parking, security and safety bollards. Galvanised or stainless steel bollards are a very effective and robust barrier for business premises. Ram raid bollards can protect any property from nefarious intruders intent on committing crimes. Galvanised and powder coated safety bollards are a highly visible deterrent that dissuades opportunists from even thinking about targeting a property at all. While installation of heavy duty bollards is commonly associated with commercial security, our parking bollards for driveways can be just as important for residential property  applications too.

Full on-site maintenance service is available, we’re one of the best local stainless steel bollard installers. We also providing a range of security fencing and gate installation services for both residential and commercial properties.

Friendly, prompt service. really happy with my security fencing done by team. I would highly recommend this company to everyone.

Linda w Avatar Linda w

Good services, George is a responsive and nice guy.

Andy D. Avatar Andy D.

George did a great job on our pool fence. It is exactly what we asked for and the job was completed in the short time we gave him. … Read more

Susan W Avatar Susan W

The Complete Solution

We offer fixed, surface mounted, removable, stainless steel and concrete options. We will customise the project to meet all your specific needs. From colour, style and type, we will also core-drill and do the installation for any property.

Our custom bollard fabrication solutions provides either stylish and modern for residential properties or heavy-duty for commercial business applications. 

Get in touch with our security & fencing installation team today to discuss installing bollards at your place – we can enhance your environment with a durable, easy to maintain bollards solution.