Automatic & Manual Gates in Sydney

If you are thinking whether or not to go for automatic electric gate for your home, there are few things you should consider. Automatic electric gates are not just a good option for security, but they are also good for convenience.

Unfortunately, not all fencing companies will tell you what you need to know about automatic electric gates, all they are concerned about is just to make sales.

But, at Mint Fencing, we are more concerned about the value our customers get than the money we bill them.

So, below are 3 important things you must know about automatic electric gates that some fencing companies won’t tell you;

* Automatic Gates Should be Professionally Installed

Some fencing companies tell their customers that they can install the gate themselves. While some provide a DIY (do-it-yourself) manual.
While they may be right, it is best you go with a company that offers professional installation. When it is being installed by professionals, future accident is reduced and the gate gets to function properly.

* Not All Company Offers a Maintenance Plan

It gets to some extent, electric gates will likely need repair or maintenance. Unfortunately, not every fencing and gate company offer this service.
So, you must make sure that before you give that contract to any fencing company, it must be one that offers a maintenance plan or routine checkup after installation.

* Automatic Electric Gates Varies

It is no news that electric gate varies, and this is because of some conditions. The most common type of electric gates are swinging gates. But depending on your building and taste, you can decide which one you want.

A sliding gate will make more sense for a sloppy driveway. A lift gate will go well with an environment with no much space.

So, if you are tired of getting out from your car to always open and close the gate especially when it is raining, snowing or blowing heat, then Mint Fencing can help you choose the best automatic electric security gate for your home.

At Mint Fencing, we offer professional installation, a maintenance plan and quality customer experience. We have been in the business for more than 10 years so we know what customers want when it comes to automatic electric gates.

We don’t only supply within Sydney, we also supply Australia wide. Give us a call now!