Telescopic Sliding Gate Sydney

Telescopic Sliding Gate Sydney

A telescopic sliding gate is a multiple piece gate system that layers the gate section neatly behind one another as they slide back into one compact space.  They allow for almost twice the opening width to slide back into half the space
Telescopic gates are a smart solution for areas in which a sliding gate is not suitable.  At Mint Fencing, we do not compromise on style, security, privacy or performance
We have the design and manufacturing capabilities to custom-make telescopic gates in Sydney for any specific site requirement.  All our gates are built to the highest quality and we can supply a full range of automation for any of our gates required.

Automatic Telescopic Driveway Gates for restricted spaces

Telescopic gates are the perfect choice for properties that require large gates but don’t have the requisite run-off space.

At Mint Fencing, we offer a wide range of styles and colours for our telescopic sliding gates in Sydney and can provide a full service with fencing and pedestrian gates to compliment your automatic gate installation.

So, if you think a telescopic gate is just what you’re looking for or you just want to learn more about our service get in touch with us on 042 639 5860.

Quality You Can Trust

Mint Fencing has been in service for over ten years in Sydney, and our goal is to see the customer satisfied with our fencing & gates services.

We offer quality fences and gates because Mint Fencing is one of Sydney’s very best telescopic sliding gate suppliers. Our services include installation of fences and gates, maintenance and repairs, free quotes, among others.

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